Success Story

How we worked with Space Cartels to launch their NFT Minting for Play & Earn Metaverse

Space Cartels


The Business

Space Cartels is Play & Earn Metaverse where the value of resources is determined by the law of supply and demand. The project idea is well structured, has a solid marketing in place and has built devoted community around it. As the Space Cartels team already had successful mint experience before approaching us, we knew they will be a committed and reasonable partner in challenging world of blockchain projects. That is a great indicator of smooth cooperation and clear definition of goals.

Reality after Luna Collapse

As mentioned the initial mint has already been carried out. Since it originated on Terra Project it required immediate remediation of unpleasant consequences of the chain collapse. The team honestly wanted to take care of the community that trusted them and allow them to somehow retrieve the lost game loot. In 3dev team we were ready to help by building convenient migration experience. All this must have been made smoothly, relatively quickly - to retain community attraction and most importantly securely.

Project Scope

The Project required developing smart contracts in solidity and web application in React. All parts have been successfully deployed to production. At the time of writing this article the whole system has been used by hundreds of users.

Key Features

Amulets Migration to BSC

Custom Smart Contract has been deployed on BSC with a source of truth about tokens ownership preinstalled. This required secure mapping of Terra addresses to EVM addresses. For security reasons nothing could have been made automatically as users were supposed to prove their identity and ownership using metamask wallet on web application for this purpose.

Rings minting with whitelist mechanism

To increase gamification and competition among community members the idea of whitelist has been added. It allowed Space Cartels team to recognize most devoted community members or competition winners and add them to whitelist. Those lucky individuals were able to mint sooner (before public sale) and get higher odds to mint rare items.

Inventory Presentation

The whole project allowed users to get game loot. To improve the UI/UX the each time user has either minted or retrieved items it has been visualized in custom dapp. Users inventory was supposed to truly reflect user-owned NFT tokens and change in real-time on each event like trade, mint or sell.
"Guys at 3DEV felt the ownership of the project, provided necessary technical knowledge and suggested solutions to improve our features."
Marek Zygmunt, CEO & Cofounder
Full review on clutch

Minting on Mobile

Since the project has been released in the middle of summer with lots of fans on holidays we decided to fully support both smartphones and tablets. 100% functionality has been achieved on mobile metamask and brave browser

Tech & Stack

Network choice

Binance Smart Chain has been picked as this is one of networks suitable for gaming for various reasons but surely transactions speed and gas fees stand out. Additionaly code written for Binance can be easily transferable to any other EVM (ethereum virtual machine) chain

Customer facing dapp

Optimal UX has been achieved with React and useDapp library. Application has been made compatible with MetaMask wallet, with real time communication for instant minting/retrieving feedback.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts have been developed on top of OpenZeppelin ERC-721 in Solidity. Multiple customer features per customer wish have been developed and unit tested with help of Hardhat

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